Prescription Benefits

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TRS ActiveCare’s prescription benefits are administered by Caremark for all plans: ActiveCare 1-HD, ActiveCare Select and ActiveCare 2.┬áCompare the benefits for each plan by clicking here, plus check for drug availability and cost through this link.

Online Resources & Apps

  • Register with Caremark

    Through Caremark Pharmacy services, you can refill your prescriptions, order maintenance and specialty medications online or by phone and have them delivered directly to you. The Caremark website offers these and other services, including Ask-a-Pharmacist, answers and information about your medications, and print your member ID card.

  • Temporary ID Card

    You will be sent a Caremark Prescription ID Card in addition to your TRS ActiveCare Aetna Medical ID Card. You also can access a temporary prescription ID Card here. You will need to contact Caremark directly at 1-800-222-9205 for your individual ID number. You may also register with Caremark on the member portal.

  • Locate a Pharmacy

    Find a convenient location near you!

  • Go Mobile!

    Caremark has a mobile app that you can use to calculate drug costs, locate a pharmacy, view a digital ID card, see prescription orders and even refill prescriptions! No need to worry about ever losing your ID Card again!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about your prescription benefits here, including how to maximize your benefits and when to ask for a generic medication.

Need Help?

Contact Caremark Customer Service 24-hours a day, 7 days a week by phone or email.