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  • Aetna increased their premium rates for all 3 plans for the 2019-2020 plan year.
    • 3% Increase for all ActiveCare 1 HD and ActiveCare Select plans
    • 8.9% Increase for all ActiveCare 2 plans
  • YES Prep remains committed to offsetting the impact this has on staff by raising district premium contributions for all plans.
    • YES Prep will be absorbing the 3% increase for both the ActiveCare 1 HD and ActiveCare Select plans
    • YES Prep will also be increasing premium contributions to the ActiveCare 2 plans by 3%.
  • TRS ActiveCare 2 remains a closed plan. If you are not currently enrolled in this plan, you may not elect it for the 19-20 plan year.
  • Free standing emergency room visits require a $500 per visit copay for all TRS ActiveCare plans.
  • In-network Maximum Out of Pocket (MOOP) increased for ALL ActiveCare plans.
  • Out-of-network MOOPs have increased for all ActiveCare 1 HD and ActiveCare 2 plans.
  • ActiveCare Select and TRS-ActiveCare 2 participants will now pay coinsurance for brand-name medications, but the amount will be capped at twice the current copay.
  • ActiveCare Select participants will see decreases up to 25% in cost for generic prescription drugs.
  • To encourage participants to use generic and effective, lower-cost medications, the cost of brand-name medications will increase for participants on ActiveCare 1-HD from 20% to 25% after the drug deductible.
  • ActiveCare Select and ActiveCare 2 participants will now pay coinsurance for brand-name medications, but the amount will be capped at twice the current copay.
  • ActiveCare 1-HD and ActiveCare 2 participants will see that, for out-of-network inpatient hospital stays, the plan will pay the lessor of the billed amount or $500 per day, after the deductible is met.
  • For a complete list of 19-20 plan updates, check out the TRS ActiveCare Annual Enrollment guide.
  • Click here for a more detailed, side-by-side breakdown of all the 19-20 plan breakdown changes.


  • As a reminder, if you enroll in an ActiveCare Select or ActiveCare 2, you are not eligible for the Health Savings Account. You must DECLINE coverage when completing the enrollment through PlanSource.
  • If you do not plan to enroll in benefits, please be sure that you log into PlanSource and decline benefits.


It is important to us that you know the benefits options available to you. Our medical plan is offered through TRS ActiveCare and it is administered by Aetna. Use the resources below to assist you in making your medical elections for the 2019-2020 plan year.

Aetna offer three plan options:

  1. ActiveCare 1HD
  2. ActiveCare Select
  3. ActiveCare 2- No longer available to new members

If ActiveCare 1-HD is your plan of choice just remember everything is subject to your deductible.  This means doctor’s visits, prescription drugs, hospital stays, surgeries, lab work, and outpatient procedures.  It is important to be a wise consumer when on this plan.  This is why YES Prep provides each person on the 1HD plan $50 per month in a Health Savings Account. If you don’t remember how your Health Savings Account works or you would like to learn more, please visit the Health Savings Account page.

If you are interested in the ActiveCare Select Plan, remember that you have a limited network based on where you live. Please ensure that your local address is listed and up-to-date in PlanSource as this impacts the network of doctors you have available with this plan, and you MUST stay in-network for this plan to benefit you. ActiveCare Select also has its own Customer Service support team that you can contact at 713-222-2273 (CARE).

ActiveCare 2 is very similar to the Select Plan minus the restricted network.  The deductible is lower and the specialist copay is lower, outside of that the plans are very similar when it comes to plan features.  ActiveCare 2 is very conservative and with you having an Open Access Network your premium is going to be higher.


Rates & Coverage

This guide is your one stop shop for information on coverage options and insurance rates.

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  • TRS ActiveCare Website

    Insurance tools and resources provided by Aetna.

  • Aetna Navigator

    Sign up for the Aetna Navigator to get access to your individual health portal

  • Meet ALEX!

    A Message from Aetna: ALEX provides a summary of your benefits and is accurate to the best of our knowledge. But you should fully review all of your benefits documents before enrolling. ALEX may provide estimates or suggestions, but only you can elect benefits to best suit your needs. This is not an application for enrollment.

  • Find a provider

    This is a direct link to find a medical provider.

  • Medical ID Cards

    Get a temporary ID card and order a new one Need your ID card right now? View it online today. After you log in to your member website at, click "View Card". Then you can print a copy. If you forget your user name or password Just click "Forgot User Name" or "Forgot Password" from the "Log In" box. To access your ID card on the go You can use the Aetna mobile app to view your health plan information – whenever you want, wherever you are. Our mobile app works with both iPhone® mobile digital devices and Android™applications. Download your free Aetna mobile app: Text Apps to 23862 to download now.*  To learn more, visit us at Not registered? Registering for your member website takes only a few minutes. You'll need your Aetna ID number. Register now. *Standard text messaging and other rates from your wireless carrier may apply.

  • Wellness Programs

    We want you to become and informed consumer. Do you need to know more about your symptoms, connect with medical providers, or just manage your health information? Find a full list of all the Wellness Programs that Aetna offers including Teladoc, 24 Hour Nurse Line, Preventative Care alerts, Beginning Right Maternity and more.

  • Teladoc

    Teladoc provides you with access to a doctor by phone 365/24/7. Learn more and set up your account.

  • Discount Programs

    Want to get into the gym but feel like it is too costly?  Need some contacts but would like a break on the cost because of how expensive they can be?  Through Aetna you are provided a discount program that does just that. Whether it is a gym membership, vision discounts, or even weight management discounts the Aetna Discount Program can help you out. 

  • Starting a Family? Give your new BABY a HEALTHY welcome to the world!

    Visit the TRS-ActiveCare Maternity page. --->Know how your TRS-ActiveCare plan’s family benefits work. --->Learn about the Beginning Right®Maternity Program.

Need Help?

You can contact Aetna Concierge customer service Monday-Friday 8am-6pm.