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TRS is a retirement system for public school employees in the state of Texas.  Employees that are regularly scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week will make contributions into TRS instead of contributing to Social Security.  Currently your contributions are set at 7.7% of earnings. In addition to the contributions you make as an employee, the state of Texas also contributes to your account.  You are always vested in your contributions and will vest in the state contributions following five years of eligible service. Please see below for additional resources and information.

Important Documents

  • TRS Benefits Handbook

    The TRS Benefits Handbook explains everything you need to know about the retirement system in the sate of Texas. Take advantage today by reading up on all the great information that the TRS Benefits Handbook has to offer.

Online Resources & Apps

  • TRS Contact Page

    The contact page provides a number of ways to contact TRS about your retirement needs.

  • TRS Online Registration

    To register online click here. It allows you to view your account and all plan information accordingly. Get started today!

  • TRS FAQs

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Need Help?

TRS Telephone Consultation Call if you need assistance with your account.

1-800-223-8778 or 1-512-542-6400

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